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Real ROI Episode 11 Special Guest Aaron Shiner

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In this episode our special guest Aaron Shiner who has been working with Phil over the last 3 years discusses real estate marketing.

The boys ask him questions about why he is one of the best high performance and award winning real estate agent in Australia.

Tune in to find out about his unique selling proposition (USP) and he uses platform and systems to make things easy for him to perform at the highest levels.

We even jump into a membership sites and how over delivery is the best strategy!

We also discuss touch points or as Aaron put's them ‘Contact Points' and how often people need to be reminded that your still around when they are interested in buying or selling a house.

This podcast is GOLD for real estate marketers an non real estate marketers.

Get your pen and paper out and listen carefully to this content filled episode.Aaron Shiner – http://www.bestagentshq.com and http://www.lockedon.com

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