Real ROI Podcast #4 – Mobile Ads, Pre Roll Video and SMS and Your site to MOBILE

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Welcome to show number 4 🙂

On this show we discuss mobile advertising on Google and inside App ads.

Google Mobile ads using banner ads and of course search ads.

In App ads are getting more popular with big CTR but is this because they are accidentally triggers? Find out in this episode.

We also go over Pre Roll video ads through Youtube and Vevo and discuss behavioral models.

Mobile is over 46% of all traffic and expected to become over 67% by 2014.

Our second topic for this episode is SMS and QR codes

Find out why Phillip Parisis dislikes QR codes.

The average open rate to an SMS is over 92% and this an be used with e-commerce sites and service based businesses.

Using API to connect your website or e-commerce site to SMS providers. API is the funky tech name for basically connecting one service to another service. e.g. Magento to SMS provider or WordPress to SMS provider.

Listen to our weekly rant.. Phillip is hating on paypal this week for very good reasons.

Third topic of the podcast is making your site MOBILE without the stress.

WordPress site going mobile? Magento site going mobile? Any site going mobile is easy listen to our tips and hints and affordable ways to go mobile.






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