Imagine knowing what your perfect customers online shopping patterns are.

Imagine you knew exactly what triggered them to start shopping online.

No need to imagine. In this REAL ROI Podcast episode we interview Lisa Gordon a self confessed online shopaholic.

Listen in as we ask her the pressing questions every online retailer would love to know.

You will also discover

  1. The rights and the wrongs that help Lisa spend her money online.
  2. In store loyalty cards making her return online
  3. Look and feel of a website
  4. Return policies
  5. Size chart and model size
  6. Checkout

Physiological triggers, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Email marketing and many more topics are covered.

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In this episode our special guest Aaron Shiner who has been working with Phil over the last 3 years discusses real estate marketing.

The boys ask him questions about why he is one of the best high performance and award winning real estate agent in Australia.

Tune in to find out about his unique selling proposition (USP) and he uses platform and systems to make things easy for him to perform at the highest levels.

We even jump into a membership sites and how over delivery is the best strategy!

We also discuss touch points or as Aaron put's them ‘Contact Points' and how often people need to be reminded that your still around when they are interested in buying or selling a house.

This podcast is GOLD for real estate marketers an non real estate marketers.

Get your pen and paper out and listen carefully to this content filled episode.Aaron Shiner – and

Episode#10 Delivers

In this episode Myles discusses how to connect your sales systems like, and any other major CRM with your shopping carts and other systems all in the cloud. Using

Phillip discusses using Live Chat and how to seperate live chat for sales and support.

Phil uses and

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Welcome to Real ROI Podcast #9.

In this episode Myles discusses how to automate your backups into the cloud. So you can access anything and everything at anytime.

Phillip is going on Holidays in July so he brings up the topic on how to leave the keys to the office (virtual or not) to the team members.

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Episode #8

In this episode we have our first ever guest. Chris Hexton from Vero ( We discuss the importance of Email Re-marketing and how its working for the big guys. Chris breaks it down how email re-marketing should be a standard part of your marketing practices no matter what the size of your online business is.

Chris also offers our listeners an awesome 30% off offer plus 14 days free trial.



Episode #7

Phil talk'sabout the gratitude he shows customers and the time an effort he put into cards and gift baskets over the festive season.

Myles uses SMS for customer reminders and talks about how it's used at local cafe.



SMS service


Welcome to show number 6

On this show we discuss Email Marketing Disconnect and Forum Strategies to Gain Client.

Myles discusses Email marketing and how to avoid disconnects and avoid people unsubscribing from your list

Phillip explains a forum strategy on how to become an authority in forums around the internet and then how to outsource the WORK related to that so your not having to go through and respond to everyone.

Phillip has used this successfully for over 9 years.


Welcome to show number 5

On this show we discuss freemium business model

How  providers such as, & offer free limited service then up-sell to a premium based service.

Software licensing tip make your software support a membership site  rather than spending expensive licensing servers, as without the knowledge to use your software and updates it's not very useful to a pirate.

Shopping Cart Conversions

  • People need to Trust  your website
  • Make it Easy for your customers to buy
  • Trust Logo's & Testimonials do help
  • Based on Phil's Experience 1 page Checkouts work better
  • Use Google Analytics to track your conversions
  • Model From Amazon for your ecommerce idea's
  • Abandon Cart Emails

Listener Question

Capturing Name and Email address from squeeze/op-tin pages and the like is less better?


Welcome to show number 4 🙂

On this show we discuss mobile advertising on Google and inside App ads.

Google Mobile ads using banner ads and of course search ads.

In App ads are getting more popular with big CTR but is this because they are accidentally triggers? Find out in this episode.

We also go over Pre Roll video ads through Youtube and Vevo and discuss behavioral models.

Mobile is over 46% of all traffic and expected to become over 67% by 2014.

Our second topic for this episode is SMS and QR codes

Find out why Phillip Parisis dislikes QR codes.

The average open rate to an SMS is over 92% and this an be used with e-commerce sites and service based businesses.

Using API to connect your website or e-commerce site to SMS providers. API is the funky tech name for basically connecting one service to another service. e.g. Magento to SMS provider or WordPress to SMS provider.

Listen to our weekly rant.. Phillip is hating on paypal this week for very good reasons.

Third topic of the podcast is making your site MOBILE without the stress.

WordPress site going mobile? Magento site going mobile? Any site going mobile is easy listen to our tips and hints and affordable ways to go mobile.






Facebook offers and a new affiliate program that leaves clickbank for dead.